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Rotary develops character and brings out the best of the human spirit. It teaches people ethics, humanity, cultural awareness, people skills and the desire and ability to serve. Rotary creates a more positive environment for promoting world understanding and peace.

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Rotary club Kakinada was established in 1943. The illustrious Maharajah of Pithapuram S V R K Mahipathi Surya Rao Bahaddur was the Charter President and Rtn. P. Bapoo Rao was the secretary. The club was sponsered by Rotary club Visakhapatnam.

How You Can Help

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Team building, fundraising, public speaking, planning, organization, and communication are just a sampling of the leadership skills that club members can exercise and enhance. Being a Rotary leader provides further experience in learning how to motivate, inspire, and guide others.

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The reasons for joining Rotaract can be found in the Goals of Rotaract which are: – To develop professional and leadership skills. … – Continuing Education: Each week at Rotaract there is a program designed to keep one informed about what is going on in the community, nation and world.

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Interact Club members get involved with a lot of community service projects. At almost every moment they’re helping out the community in one way or another. By joining this club you’ll get a chance to do the same. You can help the world and give back to the community in even the smallest ways.


The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs.

The Foundation was created in 1917 by Rotary International’s sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for Rotary “to do good in the world.” It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to more than US$1billion. It has one of the largest and most prestigious international fellowship programs in the world.


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